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Miami/Madrid based Erudit has raised $3.5 million in late seed funding to further develop their AI models that provide leaders Human Capital leading indicators never seen before.Five VCs from Europe and the US participated in this funding round, many of whom were follow-on investors from Erudit’s previous early-stage round of $1.5M. These include DraperB1, Athos Capital, Archipelago Next and Encomenda Smart Capital, which has invested close to $1M in Erudit overall.

The team has oversubscribed the current round and plans to open a Series A round before the end of the second quarter of this year.Erudit has already begun to leverage this influx in capital. The startup has made a handful of strategic hires, including Utah-based head of partnerships & business development, Mike Sites (who exited HotDocs in 2017), Alejandra Lorente as CMO who previously led marketing for Spanish unicorn Cabify, Taylor MacBride as CSO, who was leading sales teams at Qualtrics, Bamboo HR and Funnel and Mark Hardwick as CTO.“I am happy that we hired these very talented people,” Erudit’s co-founder and CEO, Alejandro Martinez Agenjo, told Refresh Miami. The team now has 26 employees and six remote jobs open, including a Lead Product Designer and Senior Backend Developer.

“Just like how a lot of people are worrying about a company’s carbon footprint, now you can pull up information about your human capital,” he explained. Through Erudit’s platform, executives can share tangible metrics related to their employees’ satisfaction and wellbeing. This can be a competitive advantage for certain companies and investors.

What our clients say
What our clients say
Vlad Magdalin
Co-founder & CEO de Webflow

"¡Soy un gran fan del equipo Minimum y de todo lo que hacen! Nos hemos asociado con ellos durante muchos años para crear sitios para grandes empresas, incluidas empresas como PagoNXT. También colaboraron estrechamente para ayudarnos a crear Webflow Localization, una función de la que nuestros dos equipos están increíblemente orgullosos. Recomiendo encarecidamente trabajar con ellos para crear y mejorar sitios de marketing increíbles y mucho más."

What our clients say
Johan Schwind
Managing Director en UrbanX
"El equipo de minimum ha hecho un trabajo excelente en el diseño, desarrollo y entrega de nuestro nuevo sitio web."
What our clients say
Dina Radenkovic
CEO en Gameto
"Gracias por el increíble sitio web, su equipo es excelente, es un placer trabajar con ustedes."
What our clients say
Rika Christanto
COO en Idoven
"Quiero darles las gracias por todo el arduo trabajo (...), estamos orgullosos de cómo presentamos la historia de Idoven al mundo."

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