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Our team. You will walk away with a digital custom product and the whole workflow working ready to go to market and validate your ideas.

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Our team

Jorge Lana

CEO & Co-founder

Danny Saltaren

CEO & Co-founder

Patricia Nadal López

Head Operations

Sandra Ramiro

Head Designer

Viviana Reyes Garzón

Finance Lead

Emiliano Moretti

Business Development Manager

Juan Rodríguez Talavera

Product Manager

Carmen Mora

Content Manager

Pilar Arenaza

Product Designer

Alba Rodriguez

Product Designer

Natalia Jimenez

Product Designer

David González

Product Maker

Laura Santana Rodríguez

Product Maker

Aurora Salcedo

Product Maker

Francesca Tozzi

Product Maker

Mía Escorihuela

Digital Project Manager

Roxana Velarde


Mar Rojas

Digital & Product Marketing

Carina Matyniak

Office Manager

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