Maurici Badía and the Evolution of Hannun: A Journey from Idea to Success


Mar Rojas from Minimum ( engaged in a captivating conversation with Maurici Badía, the visionary founder of Hannun, Europe's leading sustainable furniture e-commerce platform. Together, they delved into Hannun's humble beginnings in Maurici's parents' backyard to its status as an industry-disrupting innovator. This insightful dialogue unfolded within the digital realm of Digitalevel, a project spearheaded by Mar Rojas, where masterclasses and sessions with executives, managers, and entrepreneurs are hosted, fostering knowledge exchange and professional development.

This article takes us on a journey through the key insights gleaned from the conversation between Minimum and Maurici. We delve into the pivotal points discussed during their encounter and extract the most relevant lessons from their dialogue

Planting the Seeds of a Sustainable Dream in the Ecommerce Sector

Hannun's inception stems from Maurici's concern about the environmental impact of the furniture industry, where the majority of products are non-recyclable and carry a significant carbon footprint. Inspired by the desire to offer a sustainable alternative, Maurici and his team started modestly, assembling furniture in the backyard and selling it on platforms like Wallapop. Their focus on sustainability and commitment to transparency and honesty resonated with consumers, laying the groundwork for Hannun's future success.

Validating the Vision with a Lean Startup Approach

From the outset, Maurici embraced a Lean Startup approach to validate Hannun's viability without risking substantial investments. They used Pinterest photos to create ads on Wallapop, gauging demand for their products. This pragmatic, customer-centric approach allowed them to adapt and evolve their business model gradually, overcoming initial challenges with agility and determination.

"The most important thing at the beginning is to find out if there is someone willing to pay for it," notes Maurici, emphasizing the importance of validating market demand before committing significant resources.

From Craftsmanship to Technology: Hannun's Logistical Journey

One of the most intriguing aspects of the conversation was Hannun's logistical journey, from artisanal production to technology implementation in collaborating workshops. Initially, production was outsourced to local artisans, posing logistical challenges such as packaging and inventory management. However, Maurici's determination to improve efficiency led to the implementation of a custom ERP system, transforming how workshops handle orders and deliveries.

"Packaging was the friction," admits Maurici, reflecting on the operational challenges they faced during this transition. However, their pragmatic approach and willingness to innovate allowed them to overcome these obstacles and optimize their logistical processes to support Hannun's future growth.

The Role of Influencers and Exponential Growth

Hannun has proven to be innovative not only in its approach to sustainability but also in its marketing strategy. From its inception selling furniture on Instagram to collaborations with renowned influencers, Maurici highlights the importance of building authentic connections with customers.

"The influencer for us was a gateway to the world," reveals Maurici, underscoring how these strategic partnerships allowed them to reach a broader audience and expand their presence across Europe. In addition to influencer collaborations, Hannun also adopted a pragmatic approach to paid advertising, combining organic and paid strategies to maximize reach and growth.

The Power of Incubation and Investment

The conversation also highlights the crucial role of the Denium incubator in Hannun's growth. Maurici praises the educational support and connections he gained through Denium, ultimately leading to a successful investment round with Business Angels.

"Having money is the best and worst thing that can happen to you at the same time," reflects Maurici, acknowledging the challenges and additional responsibilities that come with funding. While the investment provided the necessary resources to drive Hannun's growth, it also challenged them to stay true to their original vision and prudently manage their resources.

The Future of Hannun and Lessons Learned

The conversation concludes with an optimistic look towards Hannun's future and the lessons learned along the way. Maurici highlights the pivotal role of Instagram in Hannun's marketing strategy, as it has been their primary social media platform, revealing the potential of TikTok in the present.

Despite the logistical and financial challenges they faced, Hannun has demonstrated that an agile, customer-centric, and sustainable approach can lead to business success. Their story is an inspiring testament to how innovation, determination, and a passion for making a difference can transform an idea into a successful and sustainable enterprise.

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