What is Arengu and what it can do for you

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What is it?

Arengu is a nocode / lowcode platform that allows creating custom forms in a very simple way. Currently they are also focused on auth flows. The platform easily build forms with custom server-side logic without coding. It also allows executing actions or integration with 3rd party services in different stages of the form.

What it does?

The main use cases are:

  • Easy and personalized user registration forms
  • SMS & email verification with one-time passwords
  • Passwordless forms with magic links
  • Create an approval workflow for your forms
  • Automate and scale your landing pages campaigns

Main products and features

1. Forms

Easily build forms with custom server-side logic without coding. Execute actions or integrate with any API in different stages of your form.

Custom server-side logic

Add server-side logic executing flows in different form stages: between form steps, before submission or after submission; to validate data or integrate with other APIs.

  • Build data validation flows
  • Integrate with other APIs
  • Set cookies on form response

Approval forms

Turn your form submissions into interactive workflows with custom approval states.

  • Execute flows after changing states
  • Define default and final approval states
  • Set your custom approval states

Multi-step forms

Break up long forms into multiple pages to reduce user friction and increase conversions.

  • Execute flows between steps
  • Conditional logic based on responses
  • Easily track completed steps

Payment fields

Quickly add secure payments to your forms and collect one-off or recurring subscriptions for your business.

  • Stripe integration
  • One-off or recurrent payments
  • High security and PCI compliant

2. Flows

The flow builder allows you to easily build custom server-side logic or automate tasks in different stages of your form.

It allows you to easily create server-side logic that can be used in your forms or as a standalone product. Create custom validations, integrate with other APIs or automate tasks without the need for development.

  • Validation flows
  • Integration flows
  • Intuitive data mapping
  • Debugging mode

Flows with Forms

You can easily link flows to different stages of your form: between form steps, before submission or after submission; to build custom validations or integrations with any API.

  • Email verification action
  • Custom error/success messages
  • Set cookies on response

Task automation

Automate tasks or processes with your favorite apps after someone submits a form or makes a POST request.

  • Native integrations
  • Delay action
  • After form submission trigger

Intuitive data mapping

Transform your data or pass it through the different flow actions with an intuitive data mapping.

  • Autocomplete variables
  • Testing mode
  • Create custom payloads

Debugging mode

When a flow is executed you can review all inputs/outputs data of every flow action, errors and current status.

  • Executions history
  • Detailed flow actions data
  • Error handling

Main benefits?

1. Easy to create and edit it anytime

One of the main strengths of Arengu is the flexibility that provides to create the forms, adding powerful server side logic and embedding it anywhere with just a line of code.

2. Personalization

Arengu provides great personalisation options. The form itself, with its fields, blocks, steps, etc. You can do all of this in the Forms editor and personalise the form's interface as you like it.

The If/then condition action allows you to trigger different behaviours. With it, you can set your own conditions and personalise the logic of the form to the fullest.

3. Integrations and Data enrichment

Arengu allows you easily to integrate with other platforms to obtain the data that you need or enrich the answers of your forms with other platforms. Here some integration examples with other tools:

  • Clearbit to enrich your data. Clearbit is a data engine that scans users' emails to gather useful information for sales, B2B, marketing, business intelligence, etc. Arengu will allow you make email verification flow and a data enrichment forms integrating your form information with clearbit and adding conditional logic.
  • Integrate it with Hubspot to keep your CRM automatically updated. ****It offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core. This integration allows you to keep your CRM updated.
  • Integration with Slack to notify team members. Slack is the messaging app where the people you need, the information you share, and the tools you use come together to get things done. With this integration you can notify your sales or marketing teams so the right people are always aware of potential new leads captured through your form.
  • Mailjet or Sendgrid to automate emails. For example, to communicate new users that they request is pending from approval. You can configure platforms such as Mailjet and SendGrid integrations just copy-pasting 2 keys: API Key and Secret Key.
  • Finally, Arengu can integrate with integromat and zappier, so as you can imagine the possibilities to integrate with 3rd party services are endless.

4. Powerful user authentication with magic links

Magic links are authenticated URLs that contain a token to grant access to a specific user. They can authorise users to signup or login in a platform, or even authorise online payments, among other actions. Once the user clicks on the URL the user will be automatically authenticated.

Normally, magic links are generated in onboarding flows. Magic links can be used in two main trends in online forms: passwordless authentication and multi-factor authentication.

Whether you're interested in building a passwordless flow or a 2FA flow with magic links, you can implement both with Arengu. Build your forms with no code and start onboarding users with the latest authentication methods.

How do we use Arengu in Minimum.run?

Internally: Minimum.run uses the Arengu forms to collect information from leads on our own website. We integrate it with Pipedrive and Telegram so every time that there is a new lead we collect their relevant information in our pipedrive dashboard (through a Zapier integration). Telegram just send us a notification so we are aware of the new lead in real-time with some basic information about the lead.

Externally: We recommend Arengu to our customers typically when they need to capture information from users and potential leads. We help them creating the forms and making the integrations required. Arengu allows us to adapt the look and feel to the client and collect relevant information for sales, marketing and business teams.




Ideal for developers who want to create their first forms and flows.


150 Eur monthy

For early stage startups or companies that are scaling their business.


500 Eur monthly

For early stage startups or companies that are scaling their business.

Some examples (more coming soon!)

https://www.kfund.vc/contact ****- The well known VC KFUND uses the Arengu form to collect and qualify potential investments

Mendesaltaren Colaboradores - Our form to collect data from potential new employees, partners or freelance to collaborate in some of our projects

Minimum.run - Our form to collect information from potential leads for new projects and collaborations

TeAyudo.io - Form to collect data from potential volunteers for the non profit TeAyudo during Covid19 confinement.

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