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What is it?

Kara is here to help venture capital investors and technology companies simplify their sustainability reporting and Environmental, Social, and Governance disclosures.Kara is already making a difference, assisting over 200 companies and investors in reporting on their sustainability performance, measuring their carbon footprint, assessing emissions reduction potential, and generating regulatory disclosures, including SFDR.

Proposal and implementation

For this project, we worked closely with Kara's team to provide Definition, Design, Build & Data services for their new website. 🛠️ The current challenge was that while Kara's team was pleased with the design of their website, they needed to take it to the next level by expanding the modules within each page to provide more context about Kara's vision, mission, and the services they offer.We embarked on creating a new product marketing website with a primary focus on raising awareness for Kara.

The mission, vision, and value proposition are now elegantly presented through a design inspired by Kara's existing branding.We expanded the modules on each of their pages, resulting in a more comprehensive website that better articulates Kara's offerings and potential benefits for their prospective customers.

What our clients say
What our clients say
Vlad Magdalin
Co-founder & CEO at Webflow

"I'm a huge fan of the Minimum team and everything they're doing! We've partnered with them for many years to build sites for large enterprises, including the likes of PagoNxt. They were also close partners in helping us build Webflow Localization, a feature that both of our teams are incredibly proud of. I highly recommend working with them to build and scale stellar marketing sites and beyond."

What our clients say
Johan Schwind
Managing Director at UrbanX
"The team at minimum has been excellent at designing, developing and delivering our new site."
What our clients say
Dina Radenkovic
CEO of Gameto
"Thanks for the awesome website, your team are great, pleasure to work with you."
What our clients say
Rika Christanto
COO of Idoven
"I want to thank you very much for all the hard work (…), proud of how we are presenting the story of Idoven to the world."

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