10 Insights for Accelerated LinkedIn Growth!


As a forward-thinking marketing agency, our constant aim is to refine our strategies and stay ahead in the digital landscape. Recently, we delved into Metricool's latest LinkedIn Guide, unearthing valuable insights to enhance our social media endeavors. Here's a detailed breakdown of our findings:

Exploring LinkedIn's Impact on Businesses

In our pursuit of enhanced business growth, we turned to Metricool's analysis, which examined data from an impressive 41,170 professional accounts and over 1.5 million posts. This deep dive provides invaluable insights into leveraging LinkedIn for business expansion.

Key Questions Explored:

  • Which post types generate the highest engagement on LinkedIn?
  • What is the optimal posting time to maximize visibility?
  • How can businesses amplify impressions through strategic posting frequency?

Understanding Engagement Metrics on LinkedIn

Metricool scrutinized performance metrics of LinkedIn pages across various follower counts, ranging from "Tiny" to "Huge," during the period from October to January.

Insights Revealed:

  • Account Size vs. Impressions: There's a noticeable correlation between follower count and average impressions per post. 'Huge' accounts lead the pack with an average of 6484.42 impressions, followed by 'Big' and 'Tiny' accounts.
  • Posting Frequency: Contrary to popular belief, there's no direct correlation between posting frequency and impressions. Factors such as audience size and post virality play a significant role.
  • Most Impactful Posting Format: Carousels emerge as the most effective posting format, garnering an average of 1387.2 impressions, outperforming image, video, or text posts.
  • Engagement and Posting Format: Despite their high impression rate, carousels also lead in engagement and interactions, with a ratio of 32.02%, followed by images, video, and text.
  • Ideal Video Length: Videos with a duration of 13 to 15 seconds yield the highest viewing time, emphasizing the importance of concise content.
  • Importance of Hashtags: Utilizing 1 to 3 relevant hashtags per LinkedIn post is recommended to maximize engagement metrics. However, exceeding 7 hashtags may diminish the post's impact.
  • Best Time to Post: Mornings at 10 o'clock, particularly on Wednesdays, witness peak user activity, making it the optimal time to share content.
  • Sharing and Account Size: Regardless of content format, 'Huge' accounts tend to garner more shares, indicating that account size influences post virality.
  • Adaptability and Experimentation: While these insights offer general trends, it's crucial to tailor strategies according to audience characteristics and experiment with different formats to determine the most effective approach.
  • Measurement and Optimization: Leveraging analytical tools like Metricool enables comprehensive measurement of LinkedIn presence, facilitating strategy adjustments based on obtained results.

Armed with these invaluable insights, we're excited to witness how they can elevate your LinkedIn efforts. We trust that these revelations not only ignite inspiration but also equip you with the empowerment to drive tangible results on LinkedIn.

If you need further assistance, our team is here to help you with your social media growth.

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