How Velneo has multiplied x3 the monthly leads generated by migrating from wordpress to webflow

mario conde

Velneo is a company that was born with the mission to become the reference Low-Code business tool in the Spanish-speaking market. They have helped customers from more than 30 countries, such as the Spanish Government, PcBox, Cecotec, Xunta de Galicia and the Government of Andorra, with a base of 20,000 programmers and a million users who use this technology.

Thanks to its visual development solution, it is possible to make really complex and robust applications in less time than traditional development, with the necessary flexibility to make iterations and evolutions in the product.

However, their website did not faithfully represent their value proposition, so they decided to undertake a complete redesign with the following objectives:

  • Improve the understanding of the value proposition of Velneo. To do this, the landing page had to be completely redesigned to improve conversion, based on the previous website that the client had already built, as well as to tell well what was the value provided by the product and who hired their service.
  • Give an updated image to the web: Generate a brand that is already consolidated at user level but seeks to convey a more modern image that reflects the constant technological evolution of Velneo.
  • Positioning as a Low-Code tool: Although they are already pioneers in the world of visual development, they seek to have a greater positioning within the ecosystem of enterprise Low-Code tools.
  • Allow more agility to make changes: They spend too much time to be able to experiment, change images or create landing pages for their events...

After evaluating their goals and needs, they decided to contact to carry out this project, tackling the redesign in Webflow.

The redesign process: Telling Velneo's value proposition.

At we work under the Shape Up methodology, adapted to our needs, dividing the projects in two phases: Shape, where we delve into the needs and problems of the client in order to define a solution that meets their needs and Build, where we translate this proposal to a tangible digital product.

In this project one of the keys we have faced was to convey in a simple way the visual nature of Velneo, to try to summarize as best as possible its value proposition and make it better understood.

One of the main challenges has been to use the characteristic red of Velneo without visually fatiguing the user. To achieve this, we have played with a secondary color, such as purple, to combine with the red and maintain the brand identity, without losing its impact.

We started with a great amount of content, but it was not organized in a way that was digestible to the user and above all, it was not oriented to conversion, there was no clear path for the Buyer Persona that makes the purchase of Velneo.

One of the main challenges has been positioning the messages, as there are two distinct levels of people accessing the web.

  • The companies that are looking for simple and close language to understand the value proposition of Velneo and how it will help them to improve their processes and build their tools.
  • The developers who will use Velneo to develop in a more visual way and speed up their development times in the applications they create.

To do this we created a language that would speak clearly to the people who are going to buy Velneo, without losing that technical touch that characterizes the tool.

We worked a lot on how to explain to users who enter the Velneo website for the first time and are from non-technical departments, so that they have a clear path to the relevant points of the application, but at the same time offering a way for people who are looking for documentation or understand from a more technical perspective what Velneo does.

For this, it was key to focus on the final result, discussing more than just the product itself, and emphasizing the ease of creating with Velneo. To demonstrate this concept, we relied on many graphic resources.

Precisely, one of the biggest  jobs has been to create these assets. We have been inspired by how the platform is, but instead of using screenshots of the tool itself, which fail to effectively convey the message to be communicated, we have created specific assets to emphasize the advantages of the platform.

This has the additional advantage of being timeless and not depending on the evolution of the platform and having to be constantly updated.

The challenges of Webflow implementation and migration from Wordpress

We were working with a client who had a very relevant positioning history, which was generating direct business for them, so when considering migrating to Webflow, this was a critical factor.

Having the possibility of exporting as .csv all the content from Wordpress to make the migration in Webflow has saved us thousands of hours of work, however it is a critical point when making this process, to ensure that all fields match correctly and we do not lose information.

To do this, the team has done an audit of all the urls that the previous page had, as well as exporting all the content in order to migrate the articles to the new structure.

To make sure that this process works correctly, we have elaborated a checklist of tasks to do in a migration, to review in a methodical way all the points and to have the least possible drop of organic visits in the migration.

Particularly important is to make a correct implementation of 301 redirects so that we can avoid having 404 errors that penalize the SEO.

We were dealing with a client that had a very relevant positioning history and that was generating business for them directly, so when it came to consider the migration to Webflow this has been a critical section.

For this, the team has made an audit of all the urls that the previous page had, as well as export all the content to be able to migrate the articles to the new structure.

To ensure that this process works correctly, we have developed a checklist of tasks to perform in a migration, to review methodically all the points and have the least possible drop in organic visits in the migration.

Particularly important is to make a correct implementation of 301 redirects so that we can avoid having 404 errors that penalize SEO.

Velneo after the redesign and the new implementation of Webflow.

2 months after the implementation of the redesign, the Velneo team has already been able to witness tangible results. These include:

  • Increase conversion by 200%: Before the new website, in the same period (from September to December) the conversion ratio of registrations to meetings has multiplied by three, which directly becomes business for Velneo, by condensing much more the value proposition in the buyer of the tool and giving them a clear path to start working with Velneo.
  • Maintenance of its organic positioning: Although in any web migration there is a critical period for organic content, in the case of Velneo, this has remained the same as in a previous comparable period.
  • Increase in the average time spent: The improvement in the organization of the content and the structure of the page allows the average user's time spent on the site to increase.
  • Increased the agility to create and modify content: Thanks to the use of elements such as Webflow symbols and CMS, the Velneo team is able to create faster, without having to rely on manual coding.
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