Boosting Ekhi: 30% Retention, 20% More Leads! How We Did It? πŸš€

Mar Rojas, Pilar Arenaza, Juan Talavera, Francesca Tozzi, Carmen Moora

In this compelling use case, witness the transformative journey of Ekhi, a prominent energy sector leader, navigating the challenges of a saturated market and website performance. Discover how our strategic redesign not only enhanced Ekhi's digital presence but also propelled their growth with a remarkable 30% surge in user retention and a substantial 20% increase in leads.


Ekhi is a renewable energy services platform focused on distributed generation, looking towards tomorrow.

They work diligently and with commitment in developing and investing in projects that help reduce electrical costs and CO2 emissions, aiming to become an international benchmark in supplying renewable energy for the commercial and industrial sectors.


Key Challenges Faced by Ekhi When They Approached Us

Ekhi encountered pivotal challenges in its digital landscape. Struggling with website performance and striving to stand out in a crowded market, Ekhi faced a pressing need for a transformative solution.

Our approach embarked on a multi-stage journey, commencing with a comprehensive redesign aimed at amplifying Ekhi's digital footprint and addressing their urgent performance concerns.

The web architecture we developed:

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Services with Technological Innovation: Beyond a Simple Redesign

It wasn't just about giving the site a new face. We were architects of a complete digital experience, from definition and design to development and analysis. We implemented technological tools, including Webflow, Weglot, Arengu, and Make. With these, we not only optimized the user experience but also implemented them with Ekhi's marketing team in mind.


Clear Objectives, Tangible Results: Beyond Conventional Metrics

Our main goal was not only to improve the visual aspect of the website but also to develop its tone, voice, and personality to effectively communicate Ekhi's essence. It wasn't just about capturing attention but retaining it. That's why we designed a corporate website with a disruptive and distinctive image within the energy sector.

We optimized and improved performance without compromising on visual quality. Using ImageOptim, we achieved the perfect balance by reducing the weight of videos and images without compromising their impact. User experience was key in the design and content development; we crafted a new digital personality for Ekhi.


Narrative, a Challenge of Understanding

In the energy area, terminology can be very complex for someone outside the sector, however, not everyone who needs to hire Ekhi's solutions is part of this environment, which is why the content of the website had to be complete enough for those knowledgeable in the area to clarify doubts, but didactic enough for anyone reading the website to understand what was being said.

One of the solutions with which this balance was achieved was the use of a glossary, although we took care of the use of language, we used graphics, and we implemented fluency in the narrative, there were terms such as "PPA offsite" that were still complex to understand, with the glossary, we eliminated that existing barrier.

Of course, the key to making this whole story work was working hand in hand, between the design and content department, designing together saves us time and brings clarity to all projects.


Visual Solutions

As mentioned earlier, one of the challenges was striking a balance between valuable, clear, and niche content while making it dynamic enough for anyone reading the website to understand. To achieve this, we conducted various dynamic content tests like the ones you see below. The aim was to achieve that step-by-step approach without turning the homepage into an endless and dull scroll.




Ekhi had a design style that needed to be adapted to the web format, we were working with full-width images, very strong typographic hierarchies, small margins... We had to take special care to adapt the style to all devices.


Photographic Resources

Due to the extensive volume of visual resources we had and needed for the narrative, we faced a significant organizational challenge. Not only did we have to generate technical illustrations from scratch, but we also had to validate and purchase precise supporting stock material. Additionally, all this design work needed to encompass different visual formats, such as video interviews with the Ekhi team.



Shape Up Methodology: More Than a Process, a Promise of Results

We applied the Shape Up methodology, tailored to Ekhi's specific needs. We divided the project into four phases: understanding, development, training, ensuring not just effective but tangible delivery.

Results: Beyond a Website, a Transformed Opportunity

As of today, Ekhi has seen a 30% increase in user retention and a 20% rise in lead generation. Ekhi is the result of a collaboration that went beyond code and design. Ekhi's digital revolution is a statement of innovation and differentiation.

If you're looking to transform your online presence and attract more quality traffic, our approach may be the solution you need. Contact us today at Minimum to explore how we can help you achieve your goals!

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