Minimum join forces with Webflow to help building its new localization feature

mar rojas, jorge lana

Since 2020, our NoCode agency, Minimum, has been dedicated to creating exceptional product marketing websites for diverse clients across multiple industries. We offer them the best tech stack (always with Webflow as the main website builder and CMS) to build marketing sites and accomplish our clients' marketing goals. This typically involves improving their visual and user experience, generating more traffic, enhancing conversion rates, and continuously improving their SEO.

Learning from Diverse Projects

Working with different types of clients with varying requirements has been a profound learning experience. As a design, NoCode, and development agency, we have strived to extract valuable insights and synergies from each project, enabling us to apply them effectively to future endeavors.

Meeting Client Requirements

Our clients often approach us with specific needs, including visual enhancement, improved user experiences, SEO optimization, and the provision of responsive designs across different countries and languages.

Introducing Polyflow

While we consider Webflow one of the best solutions in the market for website building, we encountered challenges when creating international sites. The lack of available plugins or options for multilingual websites led us to develop Polyflow, a custom solution plugin. Polyflow empowers the creation of international websites on Webflow in multiple languages, significantly improving our clients' reach and international user experience.

Community Impact

Originally developed to assist our Minimum clients, Polyflow gained widespread popularity within the Webflow community. We began offering it to the Webflow community for free and introduced a subscription-based model for those who wanted to publish projects on their final URLs.

A Turning Point

Our growth was rapid, but at Webflow Conf 2022, a significant announcement was made. Webflow unveiled their investment in a native Localization solution designed to help all their customers localize their sites. This development prompted us to consider our path forward: collaborate with Webflow or continue building Polyflow as a standalone product?

A Collaborative Decision

We engaged in discussions with the Webflow management team, who kindly offered us the opportunity to collaborate on their native Localization solution. Several of our engineers joined forces with Webflow's Localization team to develop features set to launch this Fall. Instead of continuing to develop and support Polyflow as a separate product, we decided to work with Webflow to support them in building a powerful end-to-end localization solution natively integrated with the Webflow platform.

Proud Collaboration

Our collaboration with Webflow is a source of immense pride. We eagerly anticipate the localization feature's launch, which will benefit the entire Webflow community. While Polyflow remains free and available, we are currently unable to provide support due to our commitment to working with the Webflow team on their new localization feature.

Fostering Collaboration

We applaud Webflow for their commitment to collaborating with agencies from their community to enhance their remarkable product. Building a product can be uncertain, but partnering with users and peers can expedite progress, reduce uncertainties, and simplify the journey.

We hope to continue collaborating with Webflow as an Enterprise partner and development partner in the future. Together, we aim to help thousands and millions of users build, maintain, and iterate on the best product marketing websites tailored for audiences around the world.

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