Use Case: Electromaps' Successful Growth Story

Mar Rojas

In October 2022, Electromaps faced a significant challenge: improving its online visibility and increasing organic traffic. This is when they decided to collaborate with us for a complete redesign and development of their charging pages.

The results achieved since then are a testament to the power of a strong positioning strategy and technical excellence in a project.


Electromaps, a Catalan company founded in the beautiful city of Barcelona in 2009, is a true pioneer in the electric mobility revolution. Its remarkable growth and bold vision have propelled it to the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) world. With the acquisition in 2020 by Wallbox, a prominent Spanish tech company and the 4th unicorn of the country, Electromaps has embarked on an ambitious European expansion promising to redefine the way we experience electric vehicle charging.

With an impressive record of over 410,000 charging points and an active community of more than 690,770 members, Electromaps is the ultimate answer for those looking to easily find charging points and charge their vehicles with utmost convenience. This leading platform allows you to locate all available charging points for electric vehicles and charge at a wide variety of locations. You can filter your searches by connector type, power, and establishment type to meet your specific needs.

On their path to excellence, Electromaps was awarded "Best Sustainable Mobility App" at the 2022 AUVE Awards, a testament to their commitment to clean and emissions-free mobility.

Challenges and Objectives

Key Challenges Faced by Electromaps When They Approached Us

Electromaps encountered several challenges that required effective solutions:

  1. Large Number of Charging Points: Electromaps faced the challenge of managing a large number of charging points in their database. This data accumulation required an efficient solution for presenting it effectively on the website.
  2. Internationalization: Electromaps needed a solution to translate the content of its website into multiple languages to cater to an international audience.

Key Objectives

Electromaps had clear objectives they hoped to achieve with the project:

  • Acquire New Users through Organic Search (SEO): Electromaps' primary focus was to increase its online presence and attract new users to its application through effective SEO strategies.

The Technical Challenge and Its Solution

The Technical Challenge

One of the most significant technical challenges was the limitation of Webflow (CMS) for the specific goals of the company. Webflow had restrictions, such as the number of elements in a CMS collection and the lack of support for multiple languages (Webflow now has a native multi-language option), which complicated data management and website internationalization.

How It Was Resolved

To address these technical challenges, key solutions were implemented:

  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL): An ETL was developed to collect and organize data from the Electromaps API, including the addition of additional information, such as nearby charging points using a k-d tree.
  • Proxy Server: A proxy server was created to deliver web pages already translated and with updated data using the Webflow project as templates.

Tools Used

The project was developed using a variety of technologies:

  • Programming Language: TypeScript.
  • Backend Framework: Koa.
  • Deployment Tool: Fly.
  • Database: Vitess on PlanetScale.

Collaboration Process and Project Phases

The project involved close collaboration between different teams:

  • An agreement was reached with Scrolling and Electromaps' engineering team on the API content that could be used for SEO.
  • A Proof of Concept (PoC) was done in Webflow to demonstrate how to integrate the necessary content into the pages.
  • From that point, the development team could work independently on the proxy server without requiring significant interventions from other departments.

Design Phase

Research and Analysis:

We conducted thorough research of Electromaps' existing charging pages, focusing on user experience, functionality, and industry best practices. This research allowed us to understand the specific needs and preferences of their target audience.

Definition Phase:

  • We closely collaborated with Electromaps to define the goals and objectives for the charging pages.
  • We gathered and analyzed their requirements, ensuring a complete understanding of desired functionalities and features.
  • We conducted a competitive analysis to identify opportunities for differentiation and improvement.

Design Phase:

  • We used Figma, a collaborative design tool, to create the visual design of the charging pages. This allowed seamless collaboration with the Electromaps team.
  • We developed wireframes and prototypes to visualize layout, navigation, and overall user interface.
  • We incorporated Electromaps' brand identity and values into the design, ensuring consistency throughout their website.

Development Phase:

  • We used Webflow as the CMS to build and implement the charging pages.
  • We leveraged coding expertise to enhance functionality and page customization.
  • We ensured compatibility with various devices and browsers for a responsive and smooth user experience.

SEO strategy implementation:

For the SEO strategy implementation, along with scrolling, the following tasks were carried out:

  1. Proposed the creation of automatic pages for different locations, distinguishing between autonomous communities, provinces, and cities to rank for keywords related to electric car chargers + location. This was done to facilitate Google indexing, which was successfully achieved.
  2. Assisted in the migration of the old blog to the new site.
  3. Reduced the image file sizes.
  4. Proposed new B2B pages.
  5. Proposed new categories for the blog.
  6. Created new content to automate SEO descriptions for charging point listings.
  7. Created new content for ASO files (Google Play and Apple Store).
  8. Developed new content for upcoming B2B pages.
  9. Resolved 404 errors.


The seo strategy, redesign and development of the charging pages for Electromaps resulted in the following achievements in terms of positioning:

1. Increase in Keywords Positioned in Google's Top SERP:

The number of positioned keywords has experienced a significant rise across the board from October 2022 to September 2023, both in total keywords and in those holding top positions in Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). To grasp this increase in terms of percentages:

  • Keywords in the top three positions of search results (top 3) saw a 46.8% boost during this period.
  • Keywords in positions 4 to 10 of Google's SERP witnessed a remarkable increase of 100.3%.

2. Increase in New Keywords:

There has been a 46.11% surge in newly registered keywords when comparing the periods of (July-October 2022) and (May-August 2023).

3. Growth of Good URLs:

The percentage of good URLs and the total number of impressions have increased significantly. In October 2022, the proportion of good URLs rose from 53.6% to 99.9% in 2023. This increase also led to an 85.7% growth in the number of impressions of good URLs.

4. Increase in overall impressions and clicks:

Since December, impressions have been steadily on the rise, along with the number of clicks.

5. General Evolution:

The overall evolution in 2023 has been consistently positive. Impressions and clicks have been steadily increasing month by month, which is the most important metric for us in terms of user conversion.

6. Acquisition Channels:

When we compare the past month of August year-over-year with the same month of the previous year, we can observe that the significance of the organic channel has grown dramatically. It has become the primary source of users by a significant margin compared to other channels, increasing from 18.5% to 61.2% in just one year.

7. New Pages:

The total registered URLs have increased by a remarkable 287.64%.

These achievements highlight the positive and measurable impact our collaboration had on Electromaps.

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