Automated Lead Qualification: How We Nixed Unfit Leads Without Code!


The B2B Blunder: Ditching Unfit Leads to Save Your Sanity and Resources! Here's How We, Minimum, nailed It without Code Using Automation!

Let's talk about those time-sucking unqualified leads. You know, the ones that make you want to bang your head against the wall when you realize they're never gonna buy.

We've all seen those articles on how to gracefully kick them off the phone. But let's face it, that's like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. Sure, it eases the pain momentarily, but the real problem's still there.

These unqualified leads? They're a headache for almost every industry. But man, they hit B2B like a freight train. Companies offering specialized stuff, like those slick SaaS companies, feel the burn the most. It's like watching valuable resources go down the drain as they struggle with the wrong fits.

Our Initial Success and Downfall:

We were in the same boat, a product marketing agency riding high on building faster, smarter solutions for clients. When we launched in 2020, things got crazy good. Too good, actually. The flood of new leads hit us like a ton of bricks.

Without a solid lead qualification system, we bled hours on pointless calls and projects that were going nowhere. But instead of just saying a polite "no," we put our heads together and cooked up an automated lead qualification system. It went straight to the root and solved the issue once and for all.

Before we dive into our genius fix, let's dissect these unqualified leads and how they can drag down a top-notch sales team if left unchecked.

Unqualified leads - what's the deal?

Picture this: You've got a potential customer interested in your service or product, but it's just not a fit. Maybe your product doesn't solve their problem, it's not available in their area, or they can't quite swing the price tag. There could be more reasons, but it all boils down to your offer not hitting the spot for them.

Now, dealing with these misfits has repercussions, big time. First off, it's like throwing money down the drain. Imagine a small sales team spending a whopping 100 hours every month trying to wrangle with unqualified leads. That's a significant loss every month for each sales rep, adding up substantially each year, and it doesn't even factor in the missed opportunities with the qualified leads!

Secondly, letting these unqualified leads slip through the cracks straight into your sales team's hands? Recipe for disaster. It's like planting seeds of frustration that'll sprout into a toxic work environment. Sales reps get more and more ticked off, and guess who they're pointing fingers at? The poor marketing team!

But hey, understanding the problem is only half the battle. Here at Minimum, we faced the same snag. We had this rockstar on our team burning 32 hours a month qualifying leads manually. Talk about draining resources and time!

But guess what? It wasn't a people issue; it was a process glitch. So, we put on our thinking caps and engineered an automated, no-code system to sieve out the good leads from the bad, lightning fast and with zero human meddling.

The Automated solution:

This system started right on our agency's homepage.

Okay, imagine this: A potential lead fills out a form. Boom! Our automated lead qualification system springs into action. It's like having a wizard behind the scenes doing its magic.

First up, it creates a record in our company's CRM (we use Pipedrive) with all the details from that eager prospect. Simultaneously, it kicks off another form, a requirements checklist. That goes straight back to the lead’s inbox.

But hey, we're not done yet! Once that prospect gets back to us, filling out the second form with their needs and desires, our system picks up where it left off. It whisks those responses into a tidy Google Doc, updates the lead's profile in Pipedrive, and even pings our Minimum team through Telegram and Slack to let them know what's up.

With all this juicy data in hand, our squad can weigh in. If everything looks peachy and that lead's done their homework, we move on to stage three: an automated email zips over to the lead, with a Calendly link, ready for them to book a pow-wow with one of our sales champs.

Now, here’s the kicker: had we tried to code all this from scratch, we'd be tangled in a complex and pricey web.

Speaking of wins, our automated system has been a game-changer. It's slashed over 400 hours of work a year here at Minimum! No more waiting around for a sales rep to give the thumbs up, and no more endless email tennis matches. We're managing more leads faster than ever.

As our CEO, Jorge Lana, puts it:

‘Before Make swooped in and saved the day, we were drowning in emails just to qualify leads. It was a grind. Now, our inbound lead process is on autopilot, our customer experience is top-notch, and our sales team? They're in full beast mode, closing quality deals left and right.’

Finally, by using our own product to solve our internal headaches, we've proven that our method of validating ideas sans code, and bringing data-driven digital solutions to real-world business snags, is a win-win-win: it's functional, efficient, and a smart investment.

The bottom line? Nail down a killer process, and Make it happen.

Looking to streamline your lead qualification process and save countless hours and money? Reach out to Minimum, and let us help you build an automated lead qualification machine tailored to your needs. Contact us now and start optimizing your business efficiency!

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