What is Product-Led Growth?

juan rodriguez

Up until now, at Minimum, we built products on Webflow and validated business hypotheses with no-code tools. Now is the time to grow all the products we create.

We will do this by experimenting using the product-led growth methodology.

Product-led growth is based on using the product as the primary vehicle to acquire, activate, and retain users. In addition to building aesthetically pleasing and functional products, we will make them grow by validating user hypotheses through data, biases, and cognitive principles that impact UX.

As a result, this will create alignment between sales, technology, marketing, and design teams, allowing the business to scale sustainably.

We will achieve this through experimentation in the product as the driving force.

Have you conducted any experiments in your company? Do you have a clearly defined system?

For us, having a clear process in executing experiments is crucial to unlock the full growth potential of the product we are working on.

That's why we start the process by experimenting from the first week, while holistically defining the areas with the greatest potential to impact business growth.

We organize ideas and hypotheses into growth areas and observe those with the greatest impact to establish the action strategy.

After identifying the growth areas, we define which ones have the greatest growth opportunities by creating models with individual ideas. This way, we can quantitatively define the potential of an experiment.

At Minimum, we organize our experiments in these growth areas:

  1. Acquisition: Experiments related to user acquisition, such as registration flows, acquisition landing pages, exclusive content, acquisition models, etc.
  2. Activation: Experiments to form a habit with the product that helps the user understand the value it brings to their daily life and start using it.
  3. Monetization: Experiments that increase the value of the product, such as pricing, paywalls, automated sales flows, etc.
  4. Engagement: Experiments related to increasing the frequency of product use, as well as experiments whose goal is to retain and keep current users.
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