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Unveiling the Art of Crafting Exceptional Websites

Take a deep dive into the world of web development with Minimum. In an enlightening video, we unveil powerful strategies that not only make a lasting impression but also drive business growth. Explore the essential phases of our process and gain valuable insights.

Beyond Digital Creation to Impactful Growth

In the realm of Product Management, it's not just about going through the motions. It's about delivering results that truly matter.

What is Product-Led Growth?

Up until this point, at Minimum, we built products on Webflow and validated business hypotheses with no-code tools. Now is the time to grow all the products we create.

Minimum & Y Combinator, our relationship with the best accelerator in the world

Y Combinator was founded in 2005 by Paul Graham and other cofounders. Some great companies such as Stripe, Airbnb, Cruise Automation, DoorDash, Coinbase, Instacart, Dropbox, and Twitch were incubated there before becoming successful.

How we scaled a no-code agency from $50k to +$500k in revenue in 1 year!

How we were able to build a nocode service company combining design, product maker and growth skills.

National Design Award 2021 - Danny Saltaren

On Friday, October 1, our CPO & Co-founder, Danny Saltaren, was awarded the National Design Award 2021 in the category of Young Designers by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

What is Product Marketing and why it is important?

We talk all the time about Product Marketing, it is a prominent role that exists across both B2B and B2C companies mostly in the USA (EU is catching-up), but it's pretty hard to find a good definition of it anywhere.

The challenge of building a marketplace without code

In this post we dive deep into the challenges of building a marketplace without code in Myspalist, using Webflow, Twillio, Integromat...

How do we use Basecamp?

We've moved to Basecamp to improve our task management process, and we're very happy with the results, better than Notion, Coda or Clubhouse

How to create a data strategy for a marketplace

How to create and define the data strategy for an international marketplace. In this post we describe how we identified the problem, defined the structure and implement the data for My Spalist, a therapist services marketplace.

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